Rounded-bevel skiving knife for leather, STRYI Profi

Rounded-bevel skiving knife for leather, STRYI Profi

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As an Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality tools we would like to keep our business and provide financial support for military needs in our country ( 20% from each order), so we keep performing orders in usual terms and conditions. Our location near Polish border allows it.

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  •  Blade length - 65 mm;
  •  Blade width - 50 mm ;
  •  Handle length - 130 mm;
  •  Total length - 195 mm;
  •  Metal grade -spring- steel(60-62 HRC)
  •  Metal thickness – 3 mm;
  •  Coverage - linseed oil;
  •  Handle material - oak.

A skiving knife is good for making general cuts because it is very sharp, but this isn’t the primary function of the tool. Rounded bevel is excellent for skiving your pieces of leather in order to shave off pieces.