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Wood carving tools STRYI

Chip carving knife 30mm ( 11.8 in), Swallowtail knife STRYI&Adolf Yurev Profi

Chip carving knife 30mm ( 11.8 in), Swallowtail knife STRYI&Adolf Yurev Profi


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The swallowtail carving knife 30mm, art.390030 is designed as a result of long-term experience with professional carver for convenient and safe use even without special abilities of the beginner.

High-precision, neat sophisticated, modern chip carving is available with the help of extra-sharp swallowtail unique knives from STRYI manufacturer.

📍There are no imperceptive students when there is persistence and passion for creating beautiful products.

This knife has a triangle-shaped blade with 30 mm cutting blade. This woodcarving tool  is perfect to make various cuts, to cut triangles popular in geometric carving, to make cuts, also with the help of this knife it is possible to form triangular recesses on the edge of a wooden product.  You can make the original product on your own sketch.
This essential tool allows you to make straight, precise cuts making triangles and rhombus in three steps.

  • Article - 390030
  • Tool Series - PROFI (polished)
  • Steel grade - carbon steel W1-7
  • Metal hardness by Rockwell - 58-62HRC
  • Cutting edge width - 30 mm
  • Knife bevel angle - 70°
  • Length of metal part - 25 mm
  • Metal thickness - 2 mm
  • Sharpening presence - yes
  • Handle material - wood, oak
  • Length of handle - 95 mm
  • Handle Coating - linseed oil
  • Total tool length - 115 mm
  • Tool weight - 35 g

Warranty service - the entire service life of the tool (minimum service life of 20 years)

The control of each STRYI production process, and especially the correct heat treatment, ensures a long service life of the tool without frequent additional re-sharpening during operation.

We also draw your attention to the fact that STRYI is the only manufacturer that provides a free service of the tool for the entire period of its operation (tool restoration, re-sharpening or re-sharpening of the tool).

The presence of professional sharpening when buying a tool allows you to immediately start working with any type of wood, and the convenient shape of the handle will save your hands from fatigue during prolonged use.

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