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Wood carving tools STRYI

Woodcarving tool short gouge skewed STRYI&Adolf Yurev Profi, Chip carving tools

Woodcarving tool short gouge skewed STRYI&Adolf Yurev Profi, Chip carving tools


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This short semicircular gouge with  skewed bevel for carving is one of important instruments for wood carvers in geometric carving.

The short semicircular gouge with skewed bevel is a cornerstone tool for woodcarvers specializing in geometric carving. Its distinctive design, featuring a compact metal blade and a skewed bevel, delivers exceptional precision and control for creating intricate patterns and shapes within confined spaces.

  • Effortless Intricate Cuts: The skewed bevel allows for clean, precise cuts inside patterns and along curved surfaces, making it ideal for geometric carving.

  • Unmatched Control: The short blade length provides exceptional maneuverability, enabling precise control over every cut, even in tight corners.

  • Versatility: This versatile tool can be used for a wide range of geometric shapes, including triangles, rhombuses, and squares, both on flat surfaces and curved contours.

  • Safety First: The compact design minimizes the risk of accidents, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced carvers.

Whether you're a seasoned woodcarver or just starting out, the short semicircular gouge with skewed bevel is an essential addition to your toolkit. Its unique design and versatility will empower you to create stunning geometric carvings with unparalleled precision and control, even in the most intricate areas.


  • High-quality carbon steel W1-7;
  • 2mm metal thickness;
  • 60-62 HRC (Rockwell);
  • Durable carbon steel blade
  • Steel thickness - 1mm
  • Blade length - 40mm
  • Total length of the tool - 140mm

The tool is sharpened and ready to use.

Shipping to any country is from Ukraine. The delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

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