Kategorie: Drechselwerkzeuge für Holz

 Lathe Working Tools are  essential woodturning tools, and our range offer  many types for enthusiasts and hobbyists looking to craft intricate wood furniture, plates, bowls, pots and other grand woodent items.
Wood turning chisels STRYI  a must-have tools for any wood turning enthusiast. It includes a bowl gouge for shaping bowls, a spindle gouge for shaping spindles, a skew chisel for making straight cuts and creating smooth surfaces, a round scraper for smoothing rough surfaces and creating concave shapes, and a parting chisel for separating or creating grooves and beads.
Along with these five essential chisels, it is recommended to add a roughing gouge, a diamond parting tool, and a scraper to your collection for a more enjoyable and successful wood turning experience. By investing in quality tools, you can achieve a high level of precision and create beautifully crafted pieces. Start building your collection today with these essential chisels.