Woodcarving tools STRYI

Made in Europe, Ukraine. Sharpened and ready to use chisels right from manufacturer to your workshop

Despite of last events in Ukraine we keep to perform orders as our location is closer to Polish border. Support Ukraine

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Let us introduce our company!


We’re company STRYI, first Ukrainian manufacturer of wood carving tools.
Our name is the same as the place, where we’re located — picturesque city Stryi in western Ukraine. As we’re living near the Carpathian mountains, we’re familiar with wood carving as well as it’s a part of Ukrainian ethnicity.

Having studied the segment of the market, we understood that in Ukraine there is no really high – quality manufactures of wood carving tools.
Inspired by enthusiasm, in 2009 we decided to start to produce high grade well-made instrument, realizing the responsibility before the people who will work with our instruments.

For making our tools we use the steel marked like the USA analogue W1-7 (Y8), which recommended itself as good at working with hand tools.
On based of producing we use the full control on each of its stages - template preparation, shaping, heat treatment, polishing, sharpening and adjustment.
We put our soul in what we’re doing and try to improve our craftsmanship every day to make you satisfied with instrument you choose.



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Feedback about us

Feedback about us

Feedback about us

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