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Wood carving tools STRYI

Knife for Сhip carving 25mm (1 in) STRYI Profi, Swallowtail knife from Adolf Yurev, Basic chip tool

Knife for Сhip carving 25mm (1 in) STRYI Profi, Swallowtail knife from Adolf Yurev, Basic chip tool


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Knife for woodcarving STRYI-AY Profi, art.390025

Unique design of swallowtail knife is provided by experienced carver - Adolf Yurev - author of line of short tools - safest tools over the world thanks to short metal part.

Easy technique in performing of geometric shapes like triangles and rhombus lays in step by step cutting and inclination of bevel using only heel of blade.

A video instruction is available at your request, and link is added to this knife.

Also please kindly take into consideration that this knife in combination of gouge and V-tool helps you to provide more complex patterns in chip carving.

Purpose of use - cutting chip patterns and thin lines of contour drawings, cutting chip patterns, triangles, rhombus.

Wood for carving : unlimited, soft and hard wood.

Type of tool - knife swallowtail by Adolf Yuriev

  • Article - 390025
  • Tool Series - PROFI (polished)
  • Steel grade - carbon steel W1-7
  • Metal hardness by Rockwell - 58-62HRC
  • Cutting edge width - 25 mm
  • Knife bevel angle - 60°
  • Length of metal part - 25 mm
  • Metal thickness - 2 mm
  • Sharpening presence - yes
  • Handle material - wood, oak
  • Length of handle - 80 mm
  • Handle Coating - linseed oil
  • Total tool length - 110 mm
  • Tool weight - 30 g

Also we recommend 2 basic tools to this knife:

Short semicircular gouge 30mm -

Short V-parting tool 6 mm -

Warranty service - the entire service life of the tool (minimum service life of 20 years)

The control of each STRYI production process, and especially the correct heat treatment, ensures a long service life of the tool without frequent additional re-sharpening during operation.

We also draw your attention to the fact that STRYI is the only manufacturer that provides a free service of the tool for the entire period of its operation (tool restoration, re-sharpening or re-sharpening of the tool).

The presence of professional sharpening when buying a tool allows you to immediately start working with any type of wood, and the convenient shape of the handle will save your hands from fatigue during prolonged use.

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