Collection: V-parting tools

Angular gouges, commonly known as V-tools or V-parting tools, are fundamental components in every carver's toolkit. These chisels have a V-shaped profile, featuring two angled cutting edges that come together at a point. They are essential for carving techniques and foundational for various carving styles.

V-parting tools are your carving kit's secret weapon, excelling in intricate detail work and broader shaping.

Precision Cuts: Fine lines, textures, and patterns are a breeze with their sharp V-shaped angle.
Shape Definition: Crisp lines and borders make them ideal for outlining and shaping.
Texturing Experts: Add realistic fur, feathers, or other tactile effects with ease.

Size Matters: A range of sizes ensures you have the right tool for every project.
For any carver, having a few V-tools in various sizes is akin to having a painter's palette with a range of colors. It empowers you to express your creativity with precision and detail, making these tools an indispensable part of your carving journey.