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Wood carving tools STRYI

Woodcarving toolset 12pcs STRYI Profi for relief and for chip carving

Woodcarving toolset 12pcs STRYI Profi for relief and for chip carving


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Woodcarving toolset 12pcs STRYI Profi for relief and chip carving includes various types of gouges – half-round, shallow, angled, and flat – allowing you to explore diverse carving techniques.

This collection empowers you to create a wide range of masterpieces from intricate contours to bold relief carvings.
Crafted for artisans who demand perfection, our tools excel at detailing. Whether you're cleaning up edges, defining contours, or adding intricate features to sculptures, these tools ensure precision and finesse.
This set goes beyond traditional carving – it's your go-to for clearing backgrounds, shaping various recesses, smoothing surfaces, and elevating images onto different mediums. It is ideal for framing paintings, enhancing icons, decorating details, or bringing floral elements to life.

Set consists of:
1. Knife with 58mm cutting part, art. 185812
2. Knife for woodcarving 35 mm, art. 184535
3. Straight gouge #8 profile 15 mm, art. 100815
4. Semicircle straight gouge #9 profile 5mm, art. 100905
5. Semicircle straight gouge #9 profile 10mm, art. 100910
6. Straight gouge #7 profile 30mmart. 100730
7. Straight gouge #1 profile 5mm, art. 100105
8. V-parting tools with an angle of 60 degrees 5mm, art. 106005
9. Straight gouge #8 profile 10mm, art. 100810
10. Straight gouge #1 profile 15 mm, art. 100115
11. V-parting tools 90 degrees 10mm, art.109010
12. Semicircle straight gouge #9 profile 3mm, art. 100903

The tools are placed in roll-case.
The wood carving toolset contains 12 instruments. All tools are polished, sharpened for soft and hardwood, and ready to use directly from the package. This set perfectly fits for beginners and professionals. The comfortable rounded handle and durable carbon steel blade provide an easy carving process and excellent results.

- Carbon steel blade W1-7
- 2mm metal thickness

- Hardened to 60-62 HRC by Rockwell
- oak wood handle finished with linseed oil
- blade length - 100mm (4")
- total tool length - 235mm (9.25")
- copper ring diameter - 18mm (0.7")

The combination of both knives with basic tools for relief carving provides opportunities for creating different complex patterns and making wooden items.

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