Collection: Carving Knives

When it comes to woodworking and wood carving, having the right knives is essential for achieving precision and finesse in your craft. There are various types of knives  designed specifically for different purposes, each catering to the needs of woodworkers and carvers alike.

  1. Chip Carving Knives: Ideal for intricate detailing and delicate cuts, chip carving knives feature a thin, sharp blade with a pointed tip. They excel in creating intricate designs and patterns on wood surfaces.

  2. Whittling Knives: Whittling knives are versatile tools suitable for both beginners and experienced woodworkers. They typically have a short, pointed blade that's well-suited for shaping, carving, and removing excess wood.

  3. Detailing Knives: Precision is key when it comes to intricate detailing work, and that's where detailing knives shine. With their fine, pointed blades, these knives are perfect for creating fine lines, textures, and embellishments on wood surfaces.

  4. Skewed Knives: Combining the functionality of a chisel with the precision of a knife, chisel knives are excellent for removing large chunks of wood and carving straight edges and corners with ease.

  5. Sloyd Knives: Originating from Scandinavia, sloyd knives are multipurpose tools suitable for various woodworking tasks, including shaping, carving, and even some light whittling.

  6. Marking Knives: serve a specific purpose in woodworking, primarily used for making precise and accurate markings on wood surfaces. These knives typically have a single beveled edge, which allows for clean and crisp lines when scoring the wood.