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Wood carving tools STRYI

Completed toolset STRYI Profi for spoon and kuksa carving, Forged tools

Completed toolset STRYI Profi for spoon and kuksa carving, Forged tools


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Completed toolset  STRYI Profi for spoon and kuksa carving, 6 pc is a versatile collection of tools for designing and carving bowls, spoons, and plates. This comprehensive set of carving instruments provides you with the essential tools to transform ordinary kitchenware into extraordinary works of art.

This selection of carving tools designed for shaping and sculpting bowls of various sizes allows to create an unique designs of bowls, kuksas, and spoons. The carving tools are crafted from high-quality carbon steel W1-7 hardened to 58-62 HRC by Rockwell, so it allows to keep cutting edge sharpened.

Designed for comfort and precision, the ergonomic handles of these tools allow for easy maneuvering, making your carving experience enjoyable and efficient. Beyond bowls, spoons, and plates, these carving tools are suitable for various kitchen creations, including decorative elements on cakes, fruits, and other culinary delights.

The set comes with a storage case, keeping your carving tools organized and ready for your next creative project. Enjoy the convenience of having all your carving essentials in one place.

 The tooset includes:

1. Large bent gouge STRYI Profi 30mm, art.113005

2. Carpentry tool STRYI Profi 18mm, art. 160018

3. Spoon hook knife STRYI Profi 35mm, art. 150035

4. Short bent gouge STRYI Profi 20mm, art. 119920

5. V-parting chisel  STRYI Profi  45 degrees, 5mm, art. 104505

6. Gouge sweep STRYI Profi  #8, 5mm, art. 100805

Unleash your inner culinary artist with the Artisan Carving Tools Set. Order now and transform everyday kitchen items into extraordinary pieces of edible art!


- Full time qualified consultation

- Tool comes sharpened and ready to use right from the package, carefully packed while delivering, cutting edges are protected from the damages.

- Fast and prompt shipping to any country

- Associated goods for woodcarving

- Feedback on different web sites and forums.

- VIP offers – producing tools according to client’s drawing

- guaranty of the declared quality of the tools and proper condition while receiving.

Delivery usually takes about 8 - 45 days. Please note that delivery time may vary depending on your location and customs clearance, so we can not guarantee the exact arrival time.


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