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Wood carving tools STRYI

Chip Carving knife 70mm, Triangle knife chisel STRYI&Adolf Yurev Profi

Chip Carving knife 70mm, Triangle knife chisel STRYI&Adolf Yurev Profi


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Chip carving knife 70mm  STRYI, art. 390070 is designed for volumetric chip carving patterns and making deep triangles, and rhombus. Unique technique of performing chip carving is provided by experienced Ukranian carver Adolf Yurev, when the wide cut triangle  becomes basic for detailing chip carving cuts.

This knife is purposed for large geometric elements. Also, it can be used to carve a versatile range of actions in geometric carving.

  • Article - 390070
  • Tool Series - PROFI (polished)
  • Steel grade - carbon steel W1-7
  • Metal hardness by Rockwell - 58-62HRC
  • Cutting edge width - 30 mm
  • Knife bevel angle - 70°
  • Length of metal part - 25 mm
  • Metal thickness - 2 mm
  • Sharpening presence - yes
  • Handle material - wood, oak
  • Length of handle - 95 mm
  • Handle Coating - linseed oil
  • Total tool length - 115 mm
  • Tool weight - 35 g

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