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Wood carving tools STRYI

Green compound polishing paste, sharpening tools

Green compound polishing paste, sharpening tools


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Polishing paste DOI No. 3 is a paste of a hard consistency, which is suitable for medium grinding, gives a clean surface without strokes and is used to achieve an even shine of a polished surface.

Article number - 800250
Room - No. 3
The color is green
Granularity - 17-8 microns

Type - polishing paste
Application - grinding and polishing of tools

Used for polishing:
- steel alloys (including thermally strengthened);
- non-ferrous metals;
- hard plastics and polymers, glass (including optical);
- stainless steel;
- bronzes;
- brass;
- cast iron;
- aluminum;
- gold;
- silver;
- ceramic materials and products made from them.

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