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Wood carving tools STRYI

Wood carving kit for spoon making and bowl carving STRYI Profi, 4 pcs

Wood carving kit for spoon making and bowl carving STRYI Profi, 4 pcs


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Elevate your woodcarving with this comprehensive 4-tool bowl carving kit from STRYI!

This set equips you for all stages of bowl creation, from roughing out the form to intricate detailing.

  • Sloping Gouge: Effectively removes wood and shapes the bowl's interior curves.
  • Rounded Bent Gouge: Ideal for hollowing out the bowl's center and refining its overall form.
  • Whittling Knife: Provides precision for detailed carving and defining the rim.
  • V-Parting Tool: Creates clean separation lines and decorative grooves.

The STRYI 4-Tool Bowl Carving Kit is ideal for:

  • Carving bowls in various sizes and styles
  • Crafting spoons, kuksas, and other intricate woodenware
  • Beginner and experienced woodcarvers seeking a versatile set

Benefits of the STRYI 4-Tool Bowl Carving Kit:

  • High-quality steel for smooth and controlled carving
  • Comfortable handles for fatigue-free carving sessions
  • Four essential tools for all aspects of bowl carving
  • Perfect kit to progress your woodcarving skills

Order your STRYI 4-Tool Bowl Carving Kit today and embark on your journey to creating stunning wooden masterpieces!

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