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Wood carving tools STRYI

Basic tools set STRYI Start in woodcarving, Chip carving set

Basic tools set STRYI Start in woodcarving, Chip carving set


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Basic tools set STRYI Start for chip carving is a basic completed kit, which includes a basic swallowtail knife from author line from experienced carver Adolf Yurev (AY) and his unique technique in chip carving.

The set consists of:
1. Swallowtail knife 30 mm. It is needed to make various cuts, to cut triangles popular in geometric carving, to cut a background, and to make cuts, also with the help of this knife it is possible to form triangular recesses on the edge of a wooden product.

2. Profile leather strop and polishing paste. It is necessary to keep tools in sharp conditions. Paste weight - 25g. Strop size - 200*120 mm.
3. Wood board for training. The board is dried to a moisture of 7-10% which makes it comfortable to work. It allows you to improve your skills in carving and understand the principle of operation of the tool. Size: 300*120 mm.

 The tool is made on the sketch of the famous Ukrainian carver Adolf Yurev. The handles are made of walnut wood and covered with linseed oil.

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  • Article - 390030
  • Tool Series - PROFI (polished)
  • Steel grade - carbon steel W1-7
  • Metal hardness by Rockwell - 60-62HRC
  • Cutting edge width - 30 mm
  • Knife bevel angle - 70°
  • Length of metal part - 25 mm
  • Metal thickness - 2 mm
  • Sharpening presence - yes
  • Handle material - wood, oak
  • Length of handle - 95 mm
  • Handle Coating - linseed oil
  • Total tool length - 115 mm
  • Tool weight - 35 g
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