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Wood carving tools STRYI

Basic toolset STRYI Start for woodcarcing, Chip carving set

Basic toolset STRYI Start for woodcarcing, Chip carving set


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 Basic tools set STRYI Start for woodcarving, art.403002 is perfect for a person who just started to make original patterns in woodcarving.

The kit includes all the basic tools needed for geometric carving, a limewood blank, 3 basic tools, and a set for polishing and sharpening.

The set includes:
 1. The swallowtail knife 30 mm is a basic knife in geometric carving.

2. Short V-parting chisel 90 degrees 6mm 
3. Short semicircular short gouge 30 mm.

  1. Profile leather strop and polishing paste - it is necessary to maintain sharpness with the help of a strop and paste. 
  • Paste weight - 25g.
  • Strop size - 300*120 mm.

5. Wood blank - made of lime wood. The board is dried to a moisture of 7-10% which makes it comfortable in work. Allows you to improve your skills in carving and understand the principle of operation of the tool.

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