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Wood carving tools STRYI

Corner chisel, Carpentry Vparting tool Narex

Corner chisel, Carpentry Vparting tool Narex


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Detailed Description

  • Blade length: 120 mm
  • Blade width: 10 mm
  • Total length: 265 mm
  • Handle size: 145 mm x 37 mm

Special tool enabling smooth and precise squaring of the corners in the angle of 90°, after the mortise has been roughed out by hand or with a machine. Forged polished blade is made of traditional Cr-Mn steel and is heat treated to 59 HRc. Ergonomic handle from hard and hefty hornbeam wood is strong enough to withstand heavy blows with a mallet.

Combination of the stained hornbeam handle, brass ferrule and imporved grinding of the blade creates unique design of the tool.

Chisels are supplied with chisel edge guard 8717 that is also suitable for carpenter's chisels.

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