Wood carving tools STRYI

Drawknife STRYI Profi 150mm, Woodworking hand tool, Shaving knife for cutting wood

Drawknife STRYI Profi 150mm, Woodworking hand tool, Shaving knife for cutting wood


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Drawknife bent STRYI (art. 111150), a shaving knife for cutting wood is a specialized tool used for shaping and smoothing wood in carpentry, spoon making, and other purposes of woodcarving.

With a 5mm metal thickness and a razor-sharp edge, it is an essential tool for any woodworker who wants to achieve precise and smooth surfaces in their woodworking projects.

The cutting edge of the Drawknife STRYI is 15cm, which makes it ideal for shaving off thin layers of wood, carving, and removing bark from logs. This size of the cutting edge allows for a comfortable grip and good control over the tool during use. It also means that it can be used on a variety of wood types, including hardwoods, softwoods, and even greenwood.

The distance between the handles is 32cm, providing enough room for both hands to grip the tool comfortably. The handles are designed to offer a secure grip while working with the Drawknife STRYI, ensuring that the user maintains control and stability during the cutting process. This feature makes it easy to apply enough pressure to the tool without the risk of losing control or damaging the wood.


- high quality carbon steel W1-7
- 5mm metal thickness
- 58-60 HRC hardness
- total tool length - mm
- sharpened and ready to use
- oak wood handle finished with linseed oil
- for soft and hard wood
- tested by wood carvers
- better than PFEIL
- combined shipping

Wood carving tools STRYI perfectly fits both for beginners and professional. Chisel’s blade is made from durable high quality steel which is suitable for manufacturing tools for wood carving the most. Each STRYI chisel is sharpened entirely by hands without sharp edge drops that provide soft, equable, smooth and clear cut on hard and soft wood. Also such sharpening is adapted for long work and doesn’t need to be grind often.

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