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Wood carving tools STRYI

Round scraper chisel 20mm STRYI Profi, Wood turning tools

Round scraper chisel 20mm STRYI Profi, Wood turning tools


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 The Round Scraper is a woodturning tool known for its versatility in various turning applications. This tool is designed to handle both general turning projects and fine finishing cuts, making it a valuable addition to a woodturner's toolkit.

  • Sturdy Construction: The heavy-duty design suggests that the scraper is built to withstand the demands of more challenging turning tasks, providing durability and stability during use.
  • Round Profile: The round profile of the scraper allows for a range of cuts and finishing techniques. It can be used to shape contours, create curves, and achieve smooth finishes.

Intended Uses:

  • General Turning: The scraper is suitable for a wide range of turning projects, including spindle work and other applications where material needs to be removed efficiently.
  • Fine Finishing Cuts: The tool's design enables woodturners to achieve very fine finishing cuts, contributing to the overall quality and precision of the turned piece.

Usage Tips:

  • Versatility: Experiment with different angles and techniques to leverage the scraper's versatility for various turning tasks.
  • Sharpness: Regular sharpening is crucial to maintain the cutting edge, ensuring clean and efficient cuts.
  • 5mm metal thickness
  • G15660 steel grade
  • sharpened and ready to use
  • oak wood handle finished with linseed oil
  • handle size 25cm (9,85")
  • total tool length 45cm (17,7")
  • tested by wood carvers


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