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Wood carving tools STRYI

Spindle gouge STRYI Profi, Lathe Wood Turning Tools

Spindle gouge STRYI Profi, Lathe Wood Turning Tools


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The Spindle Gouge from STRYI Profi is a specialized tool designed for woodturning on a lathe. It is unpolished, which may provide a more tactile feel and better grip during use. The unpolished surface could also enhance the tool's ability to remove wood efficiently.

The spindle gouge is a specialized tool used in woodturning, a form of woodworking that involves shaping wood while it rotates on a lathe. The primary purpose of a spindle gouge is to create intricate details, curves, and beads on spindle-shaped workpieces. Here are some key aspects of its intended purpose:

  1. Detailing and Shaping: The spindle gouge is particularly well-suited for detailing work on spindles. It allows woodturners to create coves, beads, and other decorative features on the turned wood.

  2. Versatility: While spindle gouges are primarily designed for spindle work, they can also be used for other types of turning projects, such as bowls. However, they are not as efficient in hollowing out large spaces as bowl gouges are.

  3. Controlled Cutting: The design of the spindle gouge allows for precise and controlled cutting. Woodturners can manipulate the tool to achieve various shapes and contours with ease.


  • Material: The spindle gouge is likely made from high-quality steel for durability and sharpness.
  • Lathe Wood Turning: Specifically designed for use on a lathe, this tool is suitable for shaping and detailing wood projects.


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