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Wood carving tools STRYI

Chip carving set for starters, Chip carving kit STRYI 4 pcs

Chip carving set for starters, Chip carving kit STRYI 4 pcs


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Chip carving kit STRYI 4 pcs set is a basic completed kit, which includes short tools from author line from experienced carver Adolf Yurev (AY) and his unique technique in chip carving for making volumetric carving patterns.

The short metal part allows the safest cutting processing, therefore these tools are popular and used in 4 European wood carving schools for juniors(Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Ireland).

This set is provided with QR code instruction how these tools can be used for making patterns.

With this set, you'll have everything you need to dive into the fascinating realm of chip carving. Here's what you'll find inside:

1️⃣ The swallowtail knife 25mm.

This versatile tool is ideal for delicate cuts, enabling you to create intricate details and add depth to your carvings.

2️⃣ The swallowtail knife 30mm.

This essential tool allows you to make straight, precise cuts making triangles and rhombus in three steps.

3️⃣ The U gouge: Perfect for making semicircular cuts, in combination with swallowtail knives it provides patterns.

4️⃣ The V tool: With this tool, you'll effortlessly carve V-shaped grooves, giving your patterns a distinctive look and enhancing their visual impact.

✨ Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned carver, these four tools provide a solid foundation for exploring the vast possibilities of geometric chip carving. ✨

  • High-quality carbon steel W1-7;
  • 2mm metal thickness;
  • 60-62 HRC (Rockwell);
  • oak wood handle finished with linseed oil;
  • for both soft and hard wood;
  • 155 mm total tool size;
  • made in Europe, Ukraine;
  • directly from manufacturer without intermediaries.

Manufacturer STRYI successfully works already 10 years. During this time company has improved its production capacity as much as possible increasing quality and technical specifications. Manufacturer is caring about the Customer and is providing full range of services for wood carver: 24/7 consultation, wide range of instrument, goods for tool's handling, wood blanks and online / offline carving education. 

Thank you for your attention to our brand.

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