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Wood carving tools STRYI

Palm carving tools set of 10 pcs, Gravers and burins STRYI Profi

Palm carving tools set of 10 pcs, Gravers and burins STRYI Profi


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Palm carving tools set of 10 pcs, gravers and burins STRYI Profi art.506001 is completed for detailed carving of different handmade items.

From delicate detailing to bold shaping, these tools are your go-to for creating textures, and patterns, and bringing designs to life. Perfect for relief carving, shaping contours, and adding that extra finesse to your woodworking projects. This set is requested for detailing figurines, detailing in relief carving, making wooden jewelry, and linocutting.

🔖Also they are a must-have for making wooden jewelry, linocutting prints, detailed different pictures, engraving, and detailing large sculptures.

A wood carving toolset of 10 palm handle tools is a great kit for micro carving.

Mushroom-shaped handle allows you to control the cuts, because it rests on the palm (hence the names of the tools), thereby making the process safer in small carving.

Set contains:

1. Palm carving straight chisel 10mm, art.130010
2. Palm carving chisel sweep 7, 5mm, art. 130705
3. Palm carving chisel sweep 8, 10mm, art. 130810
4. Palm carving chisel sweep 9, 3mm, art. 130903
5. Palm carving chisel sweep 9, 10mm, art. 130910
6. Palm carving V-chisel 45degrees, 3mm, art.134503
7. Palm carving V-chisel 60degrees, 5mm, art.136005
8. Palm bent gouge sweep 9, 5mm, art.140905
9. Palm bent V-chisel 45degrees, 5mm, art.144505
10. Palm carving chisel sweep 5, 10mm, art. 130510

Tools are placed into a wooden storage box.

Burins (graver) set can be used in wood engraving, printing, and developing detailed images. 

  • High-quality carbon steel W1-7;
  • 2mm metal thickness;
  • 60-62 HRC (Rockwell);
  • oak wood handle finished with linseed oil;
  • for both soft and hardwood;
  • 140mm total tool size;
  • made in Europe, Ukraine;
  • directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries.

Each tool in this set is expertly engineered for specific functions, allowing you to delve into the world of figure carving, relief carving, and various other woodworking applications. From delicate patterns to intricate designs, these palm tools enable you to achieve a wide range of complexities in your carvings. Whether you're shaping detailed figures, adding depth to your creations through relief carving, or exploring other artistic endeavors, this set provides the perfect tools for every purpose.

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