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Wood carving tools STRYI

Wood carving kit for relief carving in leather case, 12pcs STRYI Profi, Chisels set, Gouges set

Wood carving kit for relief carving in leather case, 12pcs STRYI Profi, Chisels set, Gouges set


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Discover our top-selling  Wood carving tools set of 12 pcs, globally renowned for its proficiency in relief and chip carving.
Each gouge in this set is expertly crafted with an octagonal handle, enhancing grip and ease of carving. These tools are versatile and perfect for creating detailed volume pictures, wall panels, and furniture decor.

They're ideal for adding fine details to large sculptures and performing cleanups after CNC-machine carving. The set features a variety of gouges with different sweeps and sizes, tailored to suit various carving complexities. 

Notably, these gouges boast a longer blade length of 12cm (4.73 inches), making the total tool length an impressive 25cm (10 inches). This woodcarving kit is a superb gift idea for any carving enthusiast, from beginners to professionals. These tools are forged from high-quality steel and meticulously handmade, moreover a practical, and also thoughtful gift for any occasion. 

Set contains:

  1. Flat chisel sweep # 1, 5mm, art.100105,
  2. Flat chisel sweep # 1,15mm, art.100115,
  3. Gouge sweep #5, 10mm, art.100510,
  4. Gouge sweep #5, 20mm, art.100520,
  5. Gouge sweep #7, 5mm, art.100705,
  6. Gouge sweep #7, 15mm, art.100715,
  7. Gouge sweep #8, 10mm, art.100810,
  8. Gouge sweep #9, 3mm, art.100903,
  9. Gouge sweep #9, 10mm, art.100910,
  10. V-parting chisel 60 degrees, 5mm, art.106005,
  11. Long bent gouge sweep #7, 20mm, art.110720,
  12. Short bent gouge 10mm, art.119910.

Set is provided in a leather case. The leather roll case is handmade from genuine leather, and its design allows for the compact placement of tools. The blades are positioned in such a way that they do not touch each other, preventing damage.Every chisel passed through the technical control department before it is shipped. Quality control test sharpening quality, hardening and hardness of the metal, which ensure long lasting and comfortable using of the tool in carving. Tools are carefully packed while delivering. Cutting edges are protected from the damages. Company guarantee the declared quality of the tools and proper condition while receiving.Manufacturer STRYI successfully works already 10 years. During this time company has improved its production capacity as much as possible increasing quality and technical specifications. Manufacturer is caring about the Customer and is providing full range of services for wood carver: 24/7 consultation, wide range of instrument, goods for tool's handling, wood blanks and online / offline carving education.





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