Woodcarving tools set 30pcs STRYI Profi, full completed set for carving

Woodcarving tools set 30pcs STRYI Profi, full completed set for carving

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The Professional Wood Carving Tools Set of 30 pcs STRYI Profi is a comprehensive collection of 30 high-quality instruments, perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Each tool in this set is meticulously polished, sharpened, and ready to use straight out of the package, ensuring a smooth and effortless carving experience.

Set contains: 100105, 100115, 100120, 100525, 100530, 100730, 100820, 100825, 100830, 100903, 100905, 100920, 104510, 106005, 106010, 106015, 109010, 110010, 110515, 110320, 110715, 110905, 110910, 110920, 116005, 116010, 120720, 187030, 184510, 185812

  1. Intricate Detailing: The set's v-tools and basic knives allow for detailed and delicate carving, perfect for adding intricate patterns and fine details to your woodwork.

  2. Smooth Curves: With the gouges and bent gouges, you can sculpt smooth and flowing curves, creating elegant contours and dynamic shapes in your carvings.

  3. Relief Carving: The assortment of tools in this set makes it ideal for relief carving, enabling you to create three-dimensional artwork with depth and dimension.

  4. Chip Carving: The sharp and precise blades make chip carving a breeze, allowing you to create precise, intricate patterns and designs on the wood's surface.

  5. Decorative Elements: The set's wide collection of tools enables you to add ornate decorative elements, scrolls, and motifs to your woodwork, enhancing the artistic appeal of your projects.

- Carbon steel blade
- 2mm metal thickness
- oak wood handle finished with linseed oil
- blade length - 100mm (4")
- total tool length - 235mm (9.25")
- copper ring diameter - 18mm (0.7")