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Wood carving tools STRYI

Drawknife STRYI Profi 130mm, Woodworking straight Pushknife for cutting wood, Straight drawknife

Drawknife STRYI Profi 130mm, Woodworking straight Pushknife for cutting wood, Straight drawknife


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Drawknife straight (art.111130) STRYI Profi can be used for shaping wood, for making sawing, wood shaving or carving large areas, removing bark on wood log.

The pushknife with the  carbon steel blade that holds an excellent edge. It has a 13 cm splitting knife blade with oak wood handles (lightly oiled to prevent drying and cracking) which provide excellent grip and control when splitting. It will split most types of wood including hardwoods.


  •  High quality carbon steel W1-7
  •  58-60 HRC hardness by Rockwell
  • 5mm metal thickness
  • Size of the cutting edge is 13cm
  • The width of blade  -14 мм.
  • Length of handle  -120 мм.
  • Width between handles  - 410 мм. 
  • Oak wood handle finished with linseed oil
  •  For soft and hard wood
  • Tested by wood carvers

The length is pretty obvious: for narrow workpieces, a short straight drawknife is easier to handle and control.
The straight drawknife is comfortable for both pulling and pushing.
Reccomendations on usage of drawknives.
Bevel down. With the bevel facing down, a draw knife makes a cut that rises from the wood and prevents it from cutting too deep. Using a draw knife with the bevel down is useful for hollowing out wooden pieces. However, this causes the blade to dull faster.
Bevel up. Using a draw knife with the bevel facing up gives you a higher amount of control over the tool. It allows you to remove finer shavings and make deeper cuts.
The best way to use a draw knife is while sitting on a shaving horse, which safely holds your wooden piece in place. Also, make sure the grain of your wood runs parallel to the shaving horse and perpendicular to the blade. Positioning your wood this way keeps the drawknife from cutting against the wood fiber.

To cut with a draw knife, gently pull the blade slightly upwards towards you. Hold the handles lower or higher depending on the depth of the cut you’re looking for.

For wide workpieces, you need a drawknife big enough to fit over it and drawknife with curved handles will be better for this purpose.

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