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Wood carving tools STRYI

Full toolset STRYI-AY Start for woodcarver, All-inclusive for hobby

Full toolset STRYI-AY Start for woodcarver, All-inclusive for hobby


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 Full toolset STRYI-AY Start for woodcarver, all-inclusive for hobby

This set is a basic completed kit, which includes tools from the author line from experienced carver Adolf Yurev (AY) and his unique technique in chip carving for making volumetric carving patterns.

This set is perfect for a person who just started to make original patterns in woodcarving.
The kit includes all the basic tools needed for geometric carving, 4 tools, and a set for polishing and sharpening chisels.

The set includes:
1. The swallowtail knife 30 mm is a basic knife in geometric carving.

  • Total length 120 mm.
  • Metal thickness - 2mm.

2. Swallowtail knife 25mm is designed for cutting long lines, which are the basis for making cuts with rounded gouge and v chisel.
3. Short V-parting chisel with a blade angle of 90 degrees and a width of 6 mm. With it, you can make a perfect V-parting pattern.
4. Rounded ( Semicircular) short gouge with a straight bevel 30mm.

5. Profile leather strop and polishing paste -  it is necessary to maintain sharpness with the help of a strop and paste.

  • Paste weight - 100g.
  • Strop size - 400*120 mm.

6. Wood board for training. It is dried to a moisture of 7-10% which provides easy cutting.

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