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Natural grindstone - Rozsutec, Sharpening tools, Sharpening stones

Natural grindstone - Rozsutec, Sharpening tools, Sharpening stones


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The Rozsutec grindstone is a high-quality processed sedimentary sandstone. It is specifically designed for the final fine grinding and sharpening of all types of blades, ensuring a razor-sharp edge.


  • Soft granular structure for excellent sharpening characteristics when used with water or oil.
  • High abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Can achieve a grain size of 6000-8000 and a mirror shine on the blade when used with an ideal polishing agent.


for v-chisels 90 degrees, flat chisels, and knives.

  • Material: Sedimentary sandstone
  • Dimensions: 88 * 50 * 18 mm


  1. Submerge the grindstone in water or oil for a few minutes before use.
  2. Hold the blade at a consistent angle and gently move it across the stone in a circular motion.
  3. Repeat until the desired sharpness is achieved.
  4. Finish with an ideal polishing agent for a mirror shine.

Note: Each grindstone is unique in color and texture due to its natural origin.

This Rozsutec grindstone is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve professional-level sharpness on their blades.

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