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Wood carving tools STRYI

Parting tool 20mm, Wood turning tool STRYI Standart

Parting tool 20mm, Wood turning tool STRYI Standart


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 The Parting Tool is a specialized woodturning tool designed for making accurate cuts to separate a workpiece into two parts. The "20mm" specification likely refers to the width of the cutting blade.

  • Blade Width: 20mm - This indicates the width of the cutting blade, providing a specific dimension for the parting cut.
  • Versatility: The parting tool is versatile and can be used for various purposes, including creating tenons, sizing pieces, and defining the ends of a project.

Intended Uses:

  • Parting Off: The primary purpose of the parting tool is to create a clean separation between different sections of a workpiece. This is often done near the end of the turning process to separate the finished piece from the remaining stock.


  • 5mm metal thickness
  • G15660 steel grade
  • sharpened and ready to use
  • oak wood handle finished with linseed oil
  • handle size 25cm (9,85")
  • total tool length 45cm (17,7")
  • tested by wood carvers


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