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Wood carving tools STRYI

Versatile Wood Chisel Set STRYI Profi, Toolset for Detailed Carving, Chip carving kit

Versatile Wood Chisel Set STRYI Profi, Toolset for Detailed Carving, Chip carving kit


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The foundation of any woodworker's artistry lies in a versatile toolkit. The ideal set shouldn't just conquer a single discipline; it should seamlessly adapt to your evolving vision. Imagine a collection that empowers you to navigate the delicate world of intricate carvings, and then effortlessly transition to crafting robust joinery. This is the power of the STRYI wood carving set.

So our VERSATILE SET for wood carving and woodworking, 23 pcs is completed for the following purposes in woodworking:

for sculpting:

Sculpture chisel sweep 7, 60mm
Sculpture chisel sweep 8, 50mm
Sculpture V-chisel 90degrees, 10mm

relief carving:

Gouge sweep #8, 15mm
Gouge sweep #9, 5mm
Gouge sweep #9, 10mm
Gouge sweep #7, 30mm
Flat chisel  sweep #1, 5mm
Gouge sweep #7, 10mm
Gouge sweep #8, 25mm
V-chisel 90degrees, 5mm
V-chisel 90degrees, 15mm

chip carving:

Chip carving knife 25mm

making figurines and detailing wooden items:

Palm gouge sweep #7, 5mm

Palm gouge sweep #7, 10mm

Palm gouge sweep #9, 3mm

Palm carving V-chisel 45degrees, 3mm

Palm carving V-chisel 60degrees, 5mm

Palm carving flat chisel 3mm

Carving knife for detailing 38mm

Whittling knife 58mm

spoon making, bowl carving and kuksa carving:

Spoon hook knife 35mm

Short bent gouge 20mm

Large bent gouge 40mm


Tools are provided with a burlap roll-case.


- Full-time qualified consultation
- Tool comes sharpened and ready to use right from the package, carefully packed while delivering, and cutting edges are protected from the damages.
- Fast and prompt shipping to any country
- Associated goods for woodcarving
- Feedback on different websites and forums.
- VIP offers – producing tools according to carver drawing
- guaranty of the declared quality of the tools and proper condition while receiving.


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