Wood carving tools STRYI

Wood carving knives set 5pcs in tarpaulin case STRYI, Stryi Carving knives

Wood carving knives set 5pcs in tarpaulin case STRYI, Stryi Carving knives


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A set of knives for carving is purposed for usage to perform chip carving,  creating a small sculpture, making relief carving contours, and other purposes in wood carving.

It also can be used in chip-detailed carving.  It is perfect for shaping spoons, kuksa handle  and so on. 

  • High-quality carbon steel W1-7;
  • 2mm metal thickness;
  • 60-62 HRC (Rockwell);
  • oak wood handle finished with linseed oil;
  • for both soft and hardwood;
  • made in Europe, Ukraine;
  • directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries.

Set contains: 

  • Figured knife for carvingart.183040, 
  • Chip carving knife, art.183015, 
  • Chip carving knife, art.184535, 
  • Chip and relief carving knife art.187030, 
  • Sloyd knife  for whittling, art.185812;
  • a tarpauline roll-case;
  • a double-sided leather strop

It is a perfect gift for artist, art men, craft men, carver, woodworker, and othere creative people.

As the set is completed of the TOP functional knives with extra sharpness for soft and hardwood.
✅Chip carving
✅ Whittling
✅ Detailing
✅ Relief carving

Every chisel passed through the technical control department before it is shipped. Quality control test sharpening quality, hardening and hardness of the metal, which ensure long lasting and comfortable using of the tool in carving. Tools are carefully packed while delivering. Cutting edges are protected from the damages. Company guarantee the declared quality of the tools and proper condition while receiving.

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