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Wood carving tools STRYI

Wood carving set of 7 wood turning chisels STRYI Profi in roll-case

Wood carving set of 7 wood turning chisels STRYI Profi in roll-case


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Comprehensive Full Lathe Working Set, complete with 7 essential woodturning tools. This set is ideal for enthusiasts and hobbyists looking to craft intricate wood furniture, plates, bowls, pots, and other grand wooden items.

Set Composition (SKU: 507001):

  1. Skew Chisel STRYI Profi 20mm, Art. 170820
  2. Medium Gouge STRYI Profi 30mm, Art. 170830
  3. Flat Skew Chisel STRYI Profi 45 degrees, 20mm, Art. 174520
  4. Flat Skew Chisel STRYI Profi 70 degrees, 30mm, Art. 177030
  5. Flat Scraper STRYI Profi 20mm, Art. 170120
  6. Round Nose Scraper STRYI Profi 20mm, Art. 178820
  7. Parting Tool STRYI Profi 20mm, Art. 170220

This woodworking kit provides you with a versatile range of chisels and tools, each crafted for precision and durability. Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or just starting your woodworking journey, this set is designed to meet your needs.

The purpose of the set is wood turning.
Application of wood: unlimited, soft and hard wood species
Article number - 507001
Availability of sharpening tools - yes
Tool series - Profi (polished)
The length of the blade is 200 mm
The length of the handle is 250 mm.
Steel grade - 65G
The hardness of the metal is 58-62 HRC
The thickness of the metal is 5 mm.
The material of the handle is oak, the coating of the handle is linseed oil.
The presence of a limiting ring to strengthen the handle - yes

The weight of the set is 3500 g.

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