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Wood carving tools STRYI

Wood turning tools set STRYI Profi 3pcs, Start woodturning, Woodturning tools kit

Wood turning tools set STRYI Profi 3pcs, Start woodturning, Woodturning tools kit


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Woodturning is a versatile and rewarding woodworking technique that allows you to transform raw wood into beautiful and functional objects. By spinning a piece of wood on a lathe, you can shape it both on the outside and the inside, achieving precise control over:

  • Size: Reduce a large wood block to a smaller, more manageable piece.
  • Shape: Create a wide variety of forms, from bowls and spindles to intricate details.
  • Surface Finish: Utilize different tools and techniques to achieve your desired level of roughness, from a rough initial cut to a smooth, polished final product.

This set  includes 3 basic woodturning tools:
1. Skew chisel with cutting part angle 70 degrees have 30 mm size
2. Round scraper with cutting part 20 mm
3. Spindle gouge with cutting part 30 mm

The tool is made by the best craftsmen in the company STRYI. Metal is carbon steel. The tool is made by bending metal. The material for the handle is oak wood covered with linseed oil. The company provides a wide range of services and has an individual approach to all customers.

>Metal grade - carbon steel W1-7
>Metal thickness - 5 mm
>Sharpened and ready to use
> Handle material - oak wood
> Handle coverage - linseed oil
> Handle lenght - 250 mm
> Blade lenght - 200 mm
> Tool length - 450 mm
> For soft and hard wood
> Tool weight - 0.480 kg

  • 60-62 HRC (Rockwell);
  • oak wood handle finished with linseed oil;
  • for both soft and hard wood;
  • made in Europe, Ukraine;
  • directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries.

Every chisel undergoes a thorough technical control inspection before shipment. This quality control process tests the sharpening quality, metal hardening, and overall hardness, ensuring the tool's longevity and comfortable use for carving. Tools are carefully packaged during delivery, with cutting edges protected from damage. We guarantee the declared quality of our tools and their proper condition upon arrival.

Manufacturer STRYI boasts a successful 10-year track record. During this time, the company has significantly enhanced its production capacity, leading to improvements in both quality and technical specifications. STRYI prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers woodcarvers a comprehensive range of services: 24/7 consultations, a wide variety of tools, tool care products, wood blanks, and both online and offline carving education.


- Full time qualified consultation
- Tool comes sharpened and ready to use right from the package, carefully packed while delivering, cutting edges are protected from the damages.
- Fast and prompt shipping to any country
- Associated goods for woodcarving
- Feedback on different web sites and forums.
- VIP offers – producing tools according to client’s drawing
- guaranty of the declared quality of the tools and proper condition while receiving.



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